Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer


The Thermo FID is applied in a variety of applications in all kind of industries, environmental protection and as well for research and development. The implementations reach from an LEL-control, over emission and immission control to analytical exhaust control for the chemical industry and in the field of engine-development. Furthermore there is process optimization and the FID is also used in the field of analytical control of TLV- and TRC- values.


    Typical applications are:

Continuous analysis of Total Hydrocarbons (THC/VOC), eg. at:

Emission monitoring

Safety monitoring LEL

VOC monitoring

Scrubber efficiency

Process gas analysis Leak detection

Solvent recovery

Abatement equipment

Carbon absorbers

Coating process control Monitoring of purity in O2 , N2 , Ar, H2 , CO2


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