About Us

Delta gas mobin group represents relying on the most advancedtechnologies in the world that is working on the instrumentation and industrialequipment field and manufacture the gas turbineflow meters under the license of Metreg from Germany , also this company recognizedas the sole representative of some internationally manufacturers such as GEOVAPand Elgas from Czech Republic, MIP fromFinland and Dr. Fodisch and AMS From Germany and JCT from Austria comprehensiveservice provider in the fields of engineering, business and industrialequipment following:
- Gas Turbine flow meters
- Remote reading and control systems based on internationalstandards and the country's Environmental Protection Agency.
- Gas volume correctors
- Consumption systems computer
- Systems for measuring pressure, temperature and fluid flow
- Remote reading systems based on international standards(Automatic meter reading)
- Design and implement systems for supervision, control andcollect data (SCADA)
- Commissioning, technical support, repair and maintenanceof instrumentation systems, including systems for natural gas flow meter
metering) (Custody transfer stations and monitoring systemsmonitoring and assessing online.
Obtained from the flue gas and particulate monitoringdevices moment (electro-filters, bag filter, etc.) for environmental monitoringemissions
- Flue gas and dust portable measuring devices factory
- Process gas analyzers online (controlled combustion gasesand optimize fuel consumption)
- Equipment and spare parts related to online gas analysissystems (refrigerators, pumps, Sample Line and (...
- Explosion-proof gas analyzers (Explosion Proof) accordingto ATEX standards
- Oxygen analyzer and measure its purity.
- Measurement of hydrogen gas, argon, carbondioxide and methane in the air.