Online Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography is a widely accepted technique for monitoring and analyzing hydrocarbon mixtures. Installed in the field or on-line as an individual analyzer or part of an analytical system, Delta Gas Mobin Group gas chromatographs provide superior accuracy and repeatability across a wide dynamic range of components (from percent to trace-level) for Process and Natural Gas applications.


Applications and Solutions:


  • Chemical industry
    • Monitoring of benzene in styrene in the ppb range
    • Traces of residual gases in ultra-pure gases
    • Determination of traces of hydrocarbons in air separation plants
    • Fast analysis of CS2 and H2S in seconds
    • Fast measurement of C6 to C8 aromatic compounds including the measurement of C9+ aromatics
    • Monitoring of hydrogen in chlor-alkali plants
    • Measurement of sulfurous components
    • Measurement of C9 to C18 paraffins
    • Determination of vinyl chloride in room air in a 60-second cycle
    • Gas analysis during manufacture of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM)
  • Oil & gas
    • Crack gas analysis
    • Natural gas: Trace analysis for components such as mercaptans, H2S or COS
    • Fast determination of benzene in naphtha
    • Determination of high boiling aromatics in a distillation fraction
    • Fast measurement of acetylene in ethylene
    • Total sulfur in petrol and diesel

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