The process gas analyzers are manufactured to European standards and customer needs. This ensures that every gas analyzer operates reliably even under extreme operating conditions. Being flexible, reliable and efficient, the Delta team contributes to excellence and sustainable customer satisfaction. Customers on all five continents bear witness to the innovative strength and performance of us and our products.

There are huge variant of process gas analyzers to measure and control any components and optimize the process condition. I.e. measurement of H2S, NH3, SO2, CO, HF, TOC (FID analyzer), etc. are necessary in some applications.

The main process measurement is combustion control according to CO, O2 continuously measurement based on Zirconia Oxide sensors. It is highly recommended in combustion to measure COe to prevent waste of energy.

Related product for process measurement areas follow:

- Combustion control to optimize fuel consumption.

- Purity measurement such as Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Argon, Oxygen and other components.

- Trace Oxygen or other components measurement.

- TOC (Total Organic Carbon) or THC (Total Hydro carbon) analyzers.

- H2S and SO2 in SRU plants. - NOx measurement in DeNOx plant.

- Wobbe index, calorific value measurement.