AVE 2 system is designed for automatic remote data reading from gas-volume conversion devices and dataloggers.

The purpose of the system is to obtain data from different kinds of devices, processing, validating and saving in a uniform data-format for monthly evaluation, transmission of data to the Customer Information System (CIS) and serve data to customers via internet or third party applications via machine-machine interface.

AVE 2 is a modular system for automatic remote data reading from different types of gas-volume conversion devices. The system is capable of reading thousands or tens of thousands of devices as well as reading only dozens of devices.

The system architecture is designed for use on LAN networks as well as onWAN networks among several plants.

- Administration of the whole system using a single application

- Easy system installation, administration and diagnostics

- System modularity

- Intuitive, transparent and modern user interface

(MS Office 2007 style)

- Multilingual version of the client and server

- Support for the open market with gas (external dealers)

- Data presentation for end customers and external dealers via


- Seamless integration with SAP, Microsoft Office and Converge

- Automatic import of gas service points from

the customer information system (CIS)

- Automatic export of data to the customer information

system (CIS)

- Automatic update of AVE Client and AVE Mobile for PDA

- Data presentation in actual time (summer/winter time)

- Automatic data check

- Automatic data correction

- Import of data from original device software

- Semi-automatic data reading using PDA

- Data export for Microsoft Office (data, print reports)

- Automatic data transfer into DataWareHouse and third party

relational database using configurable data pumps

- Data stored in relational databases (MS SQL, Oracle)

- Automatic data backup

- Servers run as a service

- Cluster solution

- Support and use of .NET, XML, COM/DCOM, DDE, SOAP and

HTTP standards

- Machine-machine interface for data exchange with third party

applications (audit systems) based on web services

- Designed for MS Windows 7, Windows 2000/XP/Vista and

MS Server 2003/2008

- Primary and secondary connection to a device

- Fast and high-quality support

- Alarms and events