Gravimetric dust measuring device GMD 12

The GMD 12 is an intelligent systemfor isokinetic dust and particulate matter measurements in exhaust gas stacksand channels. These gravimetric dust measurements are used for referencemeasurements to calibrate dust measuring devices.

The GMD 12 is able to recordindependently all parameters being necessary for the dust measurement (e.g.humidity of the measuring gas, velocity in the exhaust gas channel as well astemperature and pressure).

By using different nozzles togetherwith the sampling probe for fine dust very low concentrations of dust andparticulate matter can be determined.

The optional special plan filterhead allows additionally the application of the GMD 12 for measurementscomplying with official standards (in Germany according to DIN VDI 2066).

  • intelligent sampling unit for gravimetric dust measurementsin streaming gases
  • compact user-friendly design
  • suitable for particulate matter measurement by exchangeablenozzles