Dust measuring device PFM 97 ED

Fields of application
The dust concentration measuring device PFM 97 EDis used for the continuous extractive measurement of dust contents in wet andsticky exhaust gases.
By means of a temperature-regulated probe themeasuring gas is extracted from the process and led to the measuring chamberwhere the triboelectric dust sensors are placed.
In order to produce evaluable measuring signalsand to protect the triboelectric measuring cell respectively the gas lines ofthe measuring device the measuring gas sucked off is continuously heated anddiluted with dry and dust-free ambient air. The active principle of the dustmeasurement is based on the triboelectric effect. Therefore 2 electricallyisolated half-shells are arranged in a cylindric chamber (measuring cell). Theyare passed by the conditioned measuring air. The triboelectric signals of thesensors are converted to equivalent dust signals in the electronic of thecontrol unit.

  • extractive dust measurement in wet and sticky gases(measurement of a diluted and heated partial flow)
  • assembly: control unit: wall assembly or floor mounting(frame), probe: special flange DN 80, PN 6, Di=100 mm
  • analogue outputs: 4 ... 20 mA
  • digital outputs (potential-free): limit value 1(adjustable), limit value 2 (adjustable) / maintenance request, failure,maintenance, measuring range (automatic measuring range change-over)