Dust measuring device PFM 97 W

Fields of application
The dust concentration measuring device PFM 97 W is used for the continuousmeasurement of dust contents, especially for the emission measurement accordingto TI air, 13th, 17th and 27th BImSchV as well as for the dust concentrationmeasurement in process monitorings. Parallel to the dust measurement flow andtemperature of the smoke gas are registered.

Function principle
The special probe of the PFM 97 consists of 2 tribo probes and a dynamicpressure probe: The tribo probes register redundantly the raw signal of thedust concentration. In order to correct the velocity influence at thetriboelectric measurement the gas velocity is measured by means of a dynamicpressure probe. The synchronous determination of the gas temperature allows thecalculation of the dust concentration in norm state.

  • combined device – measurement of dust, exhaust gas velocityor flow as well as temperature (option pressure) at the same time
  • simple assembly: control unit: wall assembly, probe: specialflange DN 80, PN 6, Di=100 mm
  • analogue outputs: 4 ... 20 mA
  • digital outputs (potential-free): limit value 1(adjustable), limit value 2 (adjustable) / maintenance request, failure,maintenance, measuring range (automatic measuring range change-over)