LM-3189 AZL/AZH -Advanced Laser Dust Monitor

Advanced dust monitor withsemiconductor laser.

There is a model LM 3189 AZHavailable as well which is suitable for dust contents up to 20 g/m3 butotherwise offers the same features as LM 3189 AZL.

   The system setup:

  • Thetransmitter unit L 318
  • Thereceiver unit R 318
  • Themonitor unit M 318
  • Cablesbetween the units
  • Purge airunit or the external instrument air source
  • Optionaldata logging software available

   Features of LM3189 AZL:

  • Directcontinous measurement of opacity or optical density
  • Small,lightweight and easy installation
  • Lightsource is a semiconductor laser, the advantages are listed in the followingsection
  • Manualand automatic zero and calibration
  • Fastassembly due to simple cabling and small holes required in the stack
  • Adjustablealarm values and alarm relay
  • Linearvoltage output 0 - 1 V and current output 4 - 20 mA
  • DigitalLCD-display and analogue display for D-value
  • 4operation ranges (0 - 0.03 D, 0 - 0.1 D, 0 - 0.3 D, 0 - 1.0 D)

   Advantages of a semiconductor laser:

  • A verycompact and intense light beam, the diameter is only a few millimetres. Thismeans that only small holes, 20 - 50 mm, are needed in the stack simplifyingthe installation.
  • Goodstability and long life. In contrast to designs that use more traditional lightbulbs, needing constant compensation, the laser source is relatively immune tothe aging effect. The typical life span of a semiconductor laser is up to 10years.
  • Due to thehigh intensity of the laser the device can penetrate higher dust densities
  • Operationwith known, clearly defined wave lengths. This makes the theoreticalcalculations and their results more predictable as opposed to conventionalsources that operate over a broad range of wave lengths and whose spectrumchanges with age.

   Typical applications:

  • Continuousparticle emission control in applications where the measuring path is maximum40 meters
  • Max. dustcontent 2 g/m3
  • Thismodel is most commonly used in power plants that burn oil, coal or bio-fuel, incement plants or in steel or iron furnaces.