The gas analyser MCA 10 can be used in emission measuring facilities as well as in systems of process andanalysis measuring technology. The MCA 10 is suitable for measurementsaccording to 13th, 17th and 27th BlmSchV and TI air.

Bymeans of the gas analyser MCA 10 up to 12 gas components can be measured at thesame time - as e.g. CO (carbon monoxide), NO (nitrogen oxide), NO2 (nitrogendioxide), SO2 (sulphur dioxide), HCl (hydrogen chloride), HF (hydrogenfluoride), NH3 (ammonium hydroxide), N2O (nitrous oxide, laughing gas) , H2O(water, humidity), CO2 (carbon dioxide), CH4 (methane) and O2 (oxygen).

  • hot measurement (without gas cooler)
  • Measurement of max. 12 Infrared components (e.g. CO,NO,  NO2, SO2, HCl, HF, NH3, N2O, H2O,CO2, CH4, O2)
  • simple assembly in the analysis cabinet
  • visualization of the measuring results and parameters via PCpanel
  • remote access via Ethernet for the purpose of actualanalyses and maintenance
  • data storage on HDD